But What Are Your 4 Things?

My 4 Children

My Things, as they are known to our family and friends.  Bug is my 19 year old daughter.  Now in college and far from home.  Beanie is an artistic sophomore, getting ready to start driving as soon as she turns 16.  T-Bird is 12 and in 7th grade.  An avid hockey goalie and altar boy, so he keeps me busy.  Noodle is the baby, but at 6, he hates being called that!  As an overachiever, he is in 3rd grade.

My 4 Life Lessons

When Bug graduated from our homeschool, I asked her what she was taking away from the experience.  Being the oldest, and only child to attend both “regular” school and homeschool, she was, of course, the guinea pig.   She was honest in that, although she knew the academics were important and had gotten her into a fabulous college, the life lessons she had received as a child schooled at home, were the 4 things she was most grateful for.  She is taking these not only to college, but into adulthood: