Accept the #BlessChallenge Here and Share in Charity

Today’s the day!!

Welcome to the #BLESSCHALLENGE

The goal is to spread compassion and charity.

During November, we all reflect on the blessings we have been granted, whether it be by creating Thankful Trees, “I Am Thankful” journals, or Thank You cards.

This year, the Things want to CHALLENGE you to a different way of looking at it.  What blessings do you have that you know someone else does not?

We’re all aware of the “play it forward” at the drive thru lines and they make the news.  Those of us in the line are thankful, but we placed our order knowing already we could afford it.  But what about those at the grocery store that truly can’t afford?  At the electric company?  At the gas station?

We all hear of the food banks, but do you know how full the shelves really are?  Are the soup kitchens and shelters in the area prepared for the coming winter months?

You are excited about the gathering of your family during the holiday season, but what of those without family or loved ones to celebrate with?  Those who are forgotten and alone?

As a family, we have decided to show how thankful we are in a different way this year.


We are calling it the #BLESSCHALLENGE and we are hoping to be a blessing for others.  If each of you joins us in this and challenges one other person, think of how many people will be affected.

The name stands for:






You are the one accepting the challenge, but this is not about you.  That’s the whole point.  This is about focusing on others for the next 4 weeks.

Every Thursday, including Thanksgiving, the Things will be posting a challenge for you to complete at least once.  There will be one challenge for adults and one challenge for children.

Once you complete the challenge, please share it on social media (we are on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook).  All you have to put is #BLESSCHALLENGE DONE and challenge another person.  Feel free to share the story of what you did, but if you wish for your actions to remain anonymous, that is fine, as that is what we will be doing.

A new challenge will be posted on the social media pages every Thursday (including on Thanksgiving), so be sure to be following us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


aid someone you normally wouldn’t!

However you want to do it!

Examples for adults :

  • aid an elderly neighbor with their yard
  • help your child’s teacher pick up the classroom after school
  • help a neighbor with their garbage

Examples for children:

  • help your siblings clean their room
  • empty the dryer for your parents
  • set the table without being asked
  • eat lunch with someone who you normally wouldn’t

We are so excited to have you join us in this challenge!

This is a great lesson for everyone.  It leads to wonderful family discussions!

Next Friday, there will be a writing prompt available for children in my weekly email, so be certain to sign up for it!!

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  1. What a beautiful idea! Love it! We will look forward to participating 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! Although there are days I wonder what on earth I was thinking when we decided to have 4, most of the time I am pretty proud of my Things. I can honestly say this was one of them! Be sure to keep us posted on how the challenge is going!

  2. Sounds like an amazing challenge 4 Things to make changes in this world happen for the betterment of all.

    1. They may be crazy (and drive me nuts), but I know how blessed I am to have them as my Things. I love when they see the world and know that they can make a difference!

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