How Homeschool Set Me Free

A question I am often asked is why I homeschool.  Of course my immediate reaction is, “Why Not?!”

Honestly, I had given thought to homeschooling Bug when she was in kindergarten, but I shook it off as “not for me”.  Fast forward 3 years, and the idea was still there when she began 3rd grade.

I made a list. (ok, it was in my head,  to the Hub’s disdain, I never write lists down!)  I figured out why this idea kept creeping into my head and what the benefits of taking her out of school and beginning the homeschool journey would be.

What it all boiled down to was flexibility.  With homeschooling, we are free to:

work at our own pace

If Bug  liked a certain topic, we could do a more in depth study of it.  If she struggled with a task, we could take our time until she mastered it.  We are also able to do more in depth research and add special projects on any topics that she found interesting.

set our own schedule

With the Hub’s unpredictable work schedule, we could adjust Bug’s school schedule so there was plenty of family time before the Hubs deployed again.  It also allowed for us to take vacations whenever we chose to.  We have the entire month of December off every year!

find the perfect curriculum for us

I wanted academics that would be engaging for Bug, plus I knew I wanted her to have a Catholic education.  After looking into many different homeschool programs, I was able to find the our perfect fit.  An accredited, Catholic home study school that was strong in all the academic fields, plus aided in the grading, was exactly what I was looking for.


Plus I don’t have to sit in carpool line….Man, I hated that every morning and afternoon!


Do you find homeschooling flexible?  What do you find the greatest advantage to homeschooling?  Please share your answers in the comments below, and we can see how others feel!

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